Preparing the SD memory card

You will need to install an Operating System (OS) onto an SD card.
The instructions below will show you how to write an OS image to your SD card in Windows.

  1. Insert your SD card into your computer/card reader. The size of the SD should be larger than the OS image size, generally 4GB or greater.

  2. Format the SD card....
    Download an SD card format tool such as SD Formatter from here.
    Unzip the download file and run the setup.exe (Run as Administrator) to install the tool on your machine
    After installation, start the tool (again, Run as Administrator). In the "Options" menu, set "FORMAT TYPE" option to QUICK, "FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT" option to "ON".

    Check that the drive letter of the SD card you inserted matches the one selected by the software. Otherwise it will format and delete all data on another drive or card. To be safe, only have your main hard drive connected and only the SD card that you want to use in your B-Pro.
    Click the “Format” button.

  3. Download the Operating System (OS) image from your chosen site. I'm using Armbian which can be found here.
    Unzip the download file to get the OS image (should have the extension .img). To do this.
    Windows: Right click on the file and choose “Extract all”.
    If the filename extension is .tgz, run tar zvxf [path]/[downloaded filename] command.
    Ensure that neither the file name of the image you're using or the path contain any spaces (or other odd characters, for that matter).

  4. Write the image file to the SD card.....
    Download a tool that can wirte images to an SD card, such as Win32 Diskimager from here.
    Open the unzipped image file

    Click the Write button. Wait patiently to successfully complete the writing. Do not disturb or disconnect/remove the card or shut down the computer during this process. When it has finished, soft-eject the card using the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the System Tray/Notification area (bottom right of your screen), then physically remove the card from the card reader.
    You can now place the SD card in your Banana Pi/Pro and start it up