Banana Pi (BP)

Banana Pi, Pro, M1 & M1+ are single-board computers produced by Shenzhen LeMaker Technology Co.,Ltd, with a design that is heavily influenced by the Raspberry Pi. I have been using a Banana Pi, Banana Pro and a Banana M1+.

There are two advantages of these BPs over the Raspberry models, the ability to connect a SATA hard drive and the ethernet connection being gigabit, much faster than Raspberry's 100k.

My BPs run off a 24v solar cell with battery storage and are available 24/7 serving files to my home and the internet. One acts as a web server for my personal site, my professional sites being hosted on a major Linux complex in Amsterdam.

One BP (a Banana Pi Pro) is connected to a 1TB hard drive and this provides my house with all my music, video and work-in-progress files. It is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and the operating system (OS) is Armbian Debian Server, no graphical user interface being required. These files are also accessible from the internet when I am working away.

My second BP (a Banana Pi M1+) is to monitor and control my 'smart home' and serve web pages to the internet. It is attached to a smaller (125GB) solid state drive and runs Armbian Ubuntu Desktop OS. An Arduino Mega microprocessor board is connected via USB and is the interface for my house management.